Charleston Parks Conservancy

Harry Lesesne and Darla Moore

Harry Lesesne and Darla Moore


Charleston Parks Conservancy has been integrally involved throughout the creation of Theodora Park. The Conservancy will be responsible for the maintenance of Theodora Park, working closely with the City and others to make certain this park benefits from the very highest quality of maintenance.

Founded by philanthropist Darla Moore, the Conservancy is ably led by Executive Director Harry Lesesne, who has been a tireless, creative, and collaborative partner throughout this process.

Darla Moore
Founder & Board Chair
Harry Lesesne
Executive Director

Board Members
Sandra Deering
Jim Fields
Jessica Gibadlo
Mariana Hay
M. Anthony McAlister, Jr. 
Charles McLendon
Jenny K. Messner
Thomas J. ‘TJ’ Parsell, Jr.
Scott Parker
Pamela M. Pearce
Katharine S. Robinson


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