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Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr   Photo: Courtesy of  Peter Frank Edwards

Mayor Joseph P. Riley, Jr
Photo: Courtesy of Peter Frank Edwards


Arguably no elected official in this country has demonstrated a stronger commitment to parks than Mayor Joe Riley. Under his leadership, the City has created 94 new parks and improved 120 existing parks. An astounding 1,736 acres of new parklands have been added to Charleston. 

Theodora Park is a City park. By providing leadership, funding, and professional expertise, Mayor Riley, Members of City Council, and City staff have contributed significantly to its creation.


Joseph P. Riley, Jr.

Members of City Council
F. Gary White, Jr.
Rodney Williams
James Lewis, Jr.
Robert M. Mitchell
Marvin D. Wagner
William Dudley Gregorie
Perry K. Waring
Michael S. Seekings
Aubry Alexander
Dean C. Riegel
William A. Moody, Jr.
Kathleen G. Wilson

Jerry Ebeling
Director of Parks

Dustin Clemens
Deputy Director, Capital Projects

Edmund Most
Senior Construction Project Manager


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