Wertimer & Associates

Nopporn Kichanan  and Sheila Wertimer

Nopporn Kichanan  and Sheila Wertimer


Wertimer & Associates – led by Sheila Wertimer – has worked on public and private projects from the Southeast to New England. Throughout more than 600 projects in the Charleston area, the firm’s work has been characterized by simplicity of design, respect for Charleston’s uniquely rich historic fabric, and harmony between architecture and site. Nopporn Kichanan has worked closely with Sheila Wertimer on the design and implementation of Theodora Park.

Theodora Park is located on a small but vital corner in Charleston’s Ansonborough neighborhood. It is designed to be a lush and tranquil public garden whose composition (a happy collaboration with the park’s instigator, David Rawle) relies upon the rhythm and shade of the three large Live oaks that border the site. Its layout is clear and unembellished, using traditional bluestone and brick paving, overlaid with a rich palate of flowering plants to lend interest, texture and detail. The whole site focuses on a long, elegant, hand-tiled fountain pool as its centerpiece.

Theodora Park is dedicated to the memory of David’s mother, a woman I never met but one of whom I have grown exceedingly fond.

Sheila Wertimer