Theodora Park would never have been created without the generous support of the City of Charleston and many private individuals who have shared the vision for this park and committed to its excellence. They have made possible a legacy we hope will be enjoyed for many generations.

Family Members

Carol & David Rawle
Judy Neilson
Metsie & Benjie Neilson
Stephanie & Jamie Neilson
Theodora & James Clark
Johanna & John Boynton
Alberta Neilson & Peter Mundy
Liz & Marshall Neilson
Christine Andreae
Sheila Ewing Daley


John Alschuler
Anson Mews
Tippy Stern Brickman
Jill & John Chalsty – in honor of Ben Marino
Evelyn & Stephen Colbert – in honor of Evelyn & Joseph McGee
Sandy & Fred Corson
Bradbury Dyer III
Esther & Jim Ferguson
Gail & Parker Gilbert
Brooks Johnson
Pam & Pat McKinney
Wenda & Jay Millard
Gerry & Tom Nicholson
Susan O’Malley
Pam & Bobby Paul
Diana & Mark Permar
Meredith & Conley Rollins
Monica & Ken Seeger
Cleary & George Simpson
Marva A. Smalls
Kathleen & Rutledge Young

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Additional thanks to Saz & Livio Borghese, Dominique Browning, Rossie Colter, Ginny Deerin, Angela Black Drake, Karen Emmons, Alex Fox, Zero George, Andy Gowder, Barry Gumb, Pam & Nelson Gwinn, Winslow Hastie, Richard Hendry, Rodney Hom, John Paul Huguley, Josephine Humphreys, Matthew Lee, Ted Lee, Barbara & Dick Lione, Heather MacIsaac, Holly McGory, Peter Mullan, Carl Palazzolo, Warrie Price, Kelly & Roger Rogan, Kevin Schmoll, Kitty & Glenn Smith, Mary Ann Sullivan, David Swink, Jim Thomas, Joni Thomas, Bill Thompson, Laurie Thompson, and Trenholm Walker.