Theodora Park has been created through the collaboration of generous donors, artists, design and construction professionals, the City of Charleston, and Charleston Parks Conservancy.

Wertimer & Associates

Wertimer & Associates has worked on public and private projects from the Southeast to New England. Throughout more than 600 projects in the Charleston area, the firm’s work has been... more


Paul Heroux

Ceramic artist Paul Heroux’s work is in the collections of major museums including the Boston Museum of Fine Arts and the Portland Museum of Art.  more


Philip Simmons

Philip Simmons (1912-2009) was a legendary artisan blacksmith in Charleston.  His work is owned by two of the museums of the Smithsonian Institution.  more


Design & Construction

A team of best-in-class design and construction professionals has made Theodora Park a reality.  more


City of Charleston

Arguably no elected official in this country has demonstrated a stronger commitment to parks than Mayor Joe Riley. Under his leadership, the City has created 94 new parks and improved 120 existing parks. more


Charleston Parks Conservancy

Charleston Parks Conservancy has been integrally involved throughout the creation of Theodora Park. The Conservancy will be responsible for the maintenance of Theodora Park, working closely with the City and others to make certain this park benefits from the very highest quality of maintenance.  more


Theodora Park Stewards

In partnership with the Charleston Parks Conservancy and the City of Charleston, Theodora Park Stewards will help assure that the park is maintained in accordance with the highest standards. more